Pet Empire


Phase 1: Find Your Friend (Bata)

Duration: End of Dec 2022 - Feb 2023
  • Launch gameplay mode
  • Initial player game mechanic testing of NFT GAME
  • Player feedback and bug reporting
  • Acquisition of first Pet
  • Launch of incubation NFTs and Token
  • Game Token ($PME)
  • NFT Staking to begin the accumulation of PET Empire Tokens ($PME)
  • On Discord: Voice chat for Pet Trainer Communities
  • Purchase of NFTs through packs or marketplace

Phase 2: Unity (Bata)

Duration: End of March 2023
  • Mining of $PME from PET + Lands + Mission + probability to receive NFTs
  • Component blending V1
  • Sale of Equipment for Pets (costumes and weapons)
  • Sale of NFT Packs, Phase 2 (A new generation of Pet)
  • In-game Pet Empire Marketplace V1
  • Purchase of additional Pet Empire for New Players

Phase 3: Unity (Bata)

Duration: Approximately Q2 2023 - Q3 2023
  • Sale of NFT Packs, Phase 3
  • Weekly Chest (quest) feature and additional daily quest
  • Wallet-in Game
  • Open new Area
  • Battel mode, Single Mode, and Duo Mode